Lusik Aguletsi Museum

The famous artist, ethnographer and writer Lusik Aguletsi is largely recognized due to her invariable daily outfit, which is nothing but the national Armenian costume known as “taraz”. At least, for the last 45 years. Reviving taraz has become the purpose of her life. And not only taraz though. In the house-museum she founded not long ago, presented are rags and carpets, footwear (trekhs), bags, silver accessories, table lamps, household utensils, dishes and jugs, weapons and furniture, unique handmade dolls, wheat-made trees. The pride of the Aguletsi collection is nevertheless a wooden cradle in which Parajanov grew up, another handmade cradle brought from her native Agulis, a dagger made by a 17th-century master Muhamed Lari, jars dating back to the Bronze Age, and many other things that fill her museum with a fascinating national color.