Located not far from the resort town of Dilijan, there is a monastery complex of Haghartsin built in the X-XIII centuries. The heyday of the monastery is associated with the name of its Father Superior, Khachatur Taronatsi, a theologian and musician who reformed the ancient Armenian notation and wrote the famous sharakan (Armenian chant) called “The Great Mystery” (Khorund Khorin). The chant subsequently became a prologue to the Armenian liturgy.

The monastery complex is comprised of three different churches, two narthexes, a chapel and a refectory. A bronze pot, dating 1272, weighing 350 kg, decorated with carvings and statuettes, was found in Haghartsin during excavations. The finding is currently exhibited in the History Museum of Armenia.    

Haghartsin was fully reconstructed in 2013.


After restoration, some of the buildings of the monastery are available for visiting, even without any help. For example, the main temple, refectory and royal tomb.